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Dining in the Void Crew

Current Crew

Ali Hylton Headshot 2022.jpeg

Ali Hylton


Creator, Head Producer, Head Writer, Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Dialogue Editor (Season 3), Composer

Ali is a synesthesia artist with a love for storytelling and turning life experiences into art. She is the creator of the audio dramas Dining in the Void, Written in Stardust, Human Error, and many more to come. You can almost always find her painting music, writing poetry, or listening to a new and exciting podcast. ​


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benny james icon.jpg




Benny composed the theme for this show and various character themes. She composes for other podcasts such as Project Ozma, The Lavender Ladies, and LEARN. She also voices Sine on LEARN and is the co-host of non-fiction podcast, The Queer Review

Benny's Artist Profile on Spotify

Benny's YouTube Channel

Brad headshot.png



Sound Editor (Season 2-)

Script Editor (Season 3)

Brad Colbroock is a sound designer and foley artist specializing in fiction podcasts about mysterious happenings on Earth, in space, and within the great beyond. You can hear more of their work at




Guest Writer (season 2 & 3)

Davis Walden is a writer, actor, and podcaster based in New York City. He is the founder of Always In My Head Productions, a production company that focuses on the creation of audio dramas bringing queer characters to the forefront of horror, fantasy, and science-fiction. He is the creator and writer of The Viridian Wild, an audio drama about a zoologist who travels the world studying magical creatures. Davis is a writer for Hit The Bricks, a musical radio-play set a hundred years after Dorothy's adventures in Oz. Davis grew up in Panama, where he spent his time reading far too many books. He loves exploring cities for inspirational material, learning history, and reading mythology.




Sound Editor (Season 2-)

Nikko is a sound designer and writer, currently agonizing over deciding the course of their adult life. In the meantime they are trying to learn a little bit of everything, and enjoy themself. A big fan of all things space and AI, they are very excited to work on Dining in The Void.


RH Sparra


Assistant Producer (Season 2-), Writer (Season 2-)

RH Sparra is a nonbinary writer and professional tech geek. Their work can also be found in Dining in the Void, Project Ozma, and the occasional Hubris episode. In their spare time, they can be found playing with and training their multitude of dogs and cats and playing Minecraft. Follow them on Twitter @rhsparra

Tal Headshot.jpeg



Sound Editor (Season 2)

Script Editor (Season 3)

Tal is a So-Cal based sound designer, voice actor, and podcast producer. They're the creator of  Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, Someone Dies In This Elevator, and they’re working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts and The Shadow Network. When not working on or writing about podcasts, they enjoy sword fighting and playing DnD. Follow Tal on twitter @starplanes and find more of their work at

Val West Headshot.jpeg

Val West


Writer (season 3)

Val is a writer, voice actor, and producer who’s been involved in projects such as The Heart of Ether, Incident Report Number 31, and Micro-Cosmos: A Science Fiction Podcast. Currently, they’re studying English and LGBTQ+ studies, in hopes of becoming your favorite local lesbian librarian. When not agonizing over an empty word document, they enjoy baking, crochet, and coffee.

past Crew




Script Editor (Season 2), Guest Writer (season 2)

Amber is a writer, editor, and stage actress on top of being an eternal optimist and cat lady. She acquired her BA in Theatre in 2016 and is currently located somewhere behind a carnival tent in a Where’s Waldo illustration. (Just kidding, she works out of rural Japan.)

Amber's Twitter

ari delyne new photo_edited.png



Sound Editor (season 1), Script Editor (season 1)

Ari is a biology and theatre student who began voice acting in 2017 after 8 years of stage performance and an accidental introduction to the world of podcasting. They can be heard in several other shows, including Eyeris as Maisy Anders, Mythos as Eridium Suul, and Project Ozma as Kamui.

Arizona Jonson color headshot square.jpe



Producer (Season 1), Writer (Season 1, Guest Season 2), Script Editor (Season 1), Webmaster (Season 1)

Arizona has migrated from the live drama world to the audio drama world and is thrilled to have a hand in this show. She also voices Tala. She voices Emilia in The Glass Appeal (from the network behind Empty) and is in production for several other podcasts, one of which she's writing & directing.




Script Editor (Season 2)

Cassie Josephs is very excited to be working with podcasts. They spent several years insisting that their degree in art was definitely going to be relevant one day, and have now been proven only slightly correct. When not at work, they enjoy writing, drawing, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Cassie's Twitter




Guest Writer (Season 2)

Jacqueline Cho is a Korean-Canadian writer, professional existential crisis-er, and coffee-shop gremlin. Outside of Zebulon, she’s currently helming the Multiversal Podcasting Network’s audio dramas It Was Never Just About the Revolution and A Gas Station Out of Time. When she isn't procrastinating writing, she's watching a sitcom or making fun of comics over boba.

Jacqueline's Twitter

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DitV final icon.png



Graphic Designer (Show's Logo)

Shim designed the logos for Zebulon Podcasts and Dining in the Void. You can check out her other illustration and design work on her website below.

Shim's Website

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