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About Us

Zebulon Podcasts is an audio production network that focuses on telling engaging and creative stories. The network was formed in May of 2017 by Ali Hylton, and in January of 2018 the first episode of the award-winning podcast Dining in the Void  was released. Our goal is to tell stories that are queer, engaging, and full of life and adventure.

Heads of Production

Ali Hylton


Ali is a synesthesia artist with a love for storytelling and turning life experiences into art. She is the creator of the audio dramas Dining in the Void, Written in Stardust, Human Error, and many more to come. You can almost always find her painting music, writing poetry, or listening to a new and exciting podcast. ​


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H. Bee Sparra



H. Bee Sparra is a voice actor and writer on Dining in the Void. Their previous work includes Quinn on Project Ozma. In their spare time, Rowan enjoys spending time with their wife, playing Animal Crossing, and playing with their three cats: Frumpkin, Melog, and Cher and two bunnies, Scarlet and Mary.

Nic Fray


Nic is a writer based in Texas, where they live with their wife, too many dogs, and a cat who thinks he runs everything.

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